Friday, March 31, 2006

Draskovic accepts independence

Dailies cover an interview the Foreign Minister of Serbia gave to the RTS on
Thursday. According to him, Serbia should declare that it fully supports the
independent and parallel journey of Kosovo towards Europe, and adds that “there
will be no seat in the UN and that there will be no change of existing borders with
Albania and Macedonia”.

To Kosovo everything but a seat at the UN, says Koha Ditore headline.
Express carries the interview as lead story. Draskovic has opened the taboo of
Kosovo’s independence in his country. He says that this is the reality that should
be told the people, the paper says.


Anonymous said...

He is a traitor and will be treated as such.

Balkan Update said...

I don't know about traitor, but he is certainly different from other Serb politicians. He is very unpredictable.

He is been hanging out with a lot of politicians from the WEST and knows what is about to happen to Kosovo. He is trying to salvage what he can....that's probably smart.

Anonymous said...

He is being an idiot. An independent Kosovo will be a voting memeber of the UN.

By giving legitimacy to the independence he is sentencing Serbs there to death. That will be remembered at election time.

Balkan Update said...

Oh, he has already been punished. He represents only the margins of the Serb society. The majority is represented by Mr. Nikolic and his Radical Party, which is unfortunate.

I would like to ask you a personal question if you don't mind: which party would you have voted if election were held tomorrow? Am I wrong to assume that you would vote for the Radicals?

Anonymous said...

I mean it's one thing to hold these opinions and another to make them the sole purpose of how you vote. And to take your vote and vote for one issue people is kind of a throwaway.

No I vote for more rounded candidates with a both a domestic and international agenda.