Thursday, March 02, 2006

Jessen-Petersen says KPC has done heroic work

“What the KPC did was heroic and I thank and congratulate them for their swift
and effective interventions and assistance to all communities in need in Kosovo. I
would also like to commend the KPC for their efforts and progress made in
implementing Standard 8, and wish to highlight that the KPC continues to perform
very well when it comes to the implementation of Standards,” SRSG Søren
Jessen-Petersen is quoted in Zëri.

Papers report that the UNMIK chief made the comments during the quarterly
meeting of the Kosovo Protection Corps Development Group, where other
participants included COMKFOR, KPC Co-ordinator Maj.-Gen. Chris Steirn,
KPC Commander Lt.-Gen. Agim Çeku, Security Advisor to the Prime Minister,
Gen Ramadan Qehaja, representatives of the Quint Liaison Offices, the Dutch
Liaison Office, the European Commission and European Union.

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