Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Jessen-Petersen visits Gracanica

All K. dailies cover the visit of the SRSG to Gracanica Monastery where he met Bishop
Artemije, Deputy President of Pristina Municipality Radojica Mitrovic and Head of
the Municipal Community Office Predrag Vasic, as well as with local Kosovo Serb
leaders Randjel Nojkic (SLKM), Rada Trajkovic (SNC) and Milija Popovic (KOS),
among others.

Enough with boycott, Jessen-Petersen tells the Serbs, writes Koha Ditore.
According to the paper the chief of the international administration said that
economy can only be improved after the solution of the status, therefore he asked
for the support of the religious and political Kosovo Serb leaders and for them to
help ordinary people reach interethnic reconciliation.

Zëri quotes the SRSG as saying that status talks bring hopes for the majority
population and concerns for the minorities. “I told Bishop Artemije that it is the
moment we all need to work together, especially the leaders of Kosovo Albanians
and Kosovo Serbs”. According to the paper Artemije asked UNMIK chief not to
prejudge Kosovo’s status.

Rada Trajkovic, dailies report, accused Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Çeku of
leading two wars against Serbs and of ‘terrorism’. She also accused the chief of
UNMIK for allowing him to take the post. According to dailies, Jessen-Petersen
intervened saying that Agim Çeku was elected in a legitimate way and that the
‘courts that filed lawsuits against him are not credible in Kosovo’.

Epoka e Re reports that Jessen-Petersen ‘softened’ his words with Serbs in
Hot in Gracanica, says Iliria Post headline. Serbs criticizing Jessen-Petersen,
says Express.

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