Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Kosovo Ministry of Justice and of Interior get competencies

One of the leading stories in the daily press today is the transfer of competencies to
the two new ministries – the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Justice.
Koha Ditore notes that the Ministry of Interior has received some competencies from
the Ministry of Public Services, while the Ministry of Justice has received
competencies from the UNMIK administration. According to the press, two
departments were transferred to the Interior Ministry – the Department for Emergency
and the Department for Civil Documents.

The paper quotes SRSG Jessen-Petersen as saying, “Kosovo is on the path of forming
a democratic, tolerant and multiethnic society, and such a society can be built only if it
is based on the rule of law”. The SRSG pledged his full support to Justice Minister
Jonuz Salihaj and offered him the framework that determines the activities of the

Zëri quotes Justice Minister Salihaj as saying that in the first 100 days in cooperation
with UNMIK he would meet the foreseen criteria so that after this period UNMIK can
transfer the main competencies to the local authorities. “This is a rather complicated
process, but we will work and our work will be evaluated. There will be an internal
and external evaluation. We will be open and transparent to the public. The citizens of
Kosovo were short of this ministry and I believe we will do our job,” Salihaj added.
Prime Minister Agim Çeku is quoted as saying in Koha Ditore that the transfer of
competencies to the new ministries is a regular procedure. “The Department for
Emergency and the Department of Civil Documents as of this moment are in the
competency and responsibility of the Ministry of Interior Affairs, a Western standard,
as in any western country where the Ministry of Interior deals with these issues,” the
PM said after a meeting with Public Services Minister Melihate Tërmkolli and Interior
Minister Fatmir Rexhepi.

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