Sunday, March 26, 2006

Kosovo Moves from Transit to Destination Country for Human Trafficking

Luan Ibraj (

24 March 2006

The Board of Kosovo Women Members of Parliament organized a national conference on the topic: "How are we organized to fight the trafficking with human beings in Kosovo". A number of international and local representatives and entities that work on treatment as well as fight against trafficking in human beings took part in the conference. The conference emphasized that Kosovo is moving from a transit country, which it was before the war, to a destination country of trafficking.

According to the statement issued by the conference, the decision-makers focused their attention on the causes that bring about this phenomenon, noting that trafficking results from the transition currently proceeding in Kosovo, the high unemployment rates, poverty, movement of population, family disorders, lack of perspective, conflict of generations, etc.

The most common victims of criminals and criminal groups are women, mostly coming from Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, etc. Lamentably, women under 18 years of age are increasingly victims of human trafficking.

The listed findings emphasize the necessity of greater social awareness about the need to fight human trafficking, never forgetting that trafficking is not a problem that concerns a single country, but rather the entire international community, concluded the conference.

Kosovo already has an Action Plan for Fight against Human Trafficking in place, compiled by the Kosovo Government. This conference was held with the support and under the auspices of the Action Plan. The plan is based on the international conventions and treaties against trafficking, and is similar to the documents adopted by western countries, such as the Swiss action plan.

According to the Office for Media Relations, it is understood that the Board of Kosovo Women Members of Parliament plans to organize a regional conference on this subject.

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