Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Kosovo PM calls on Kosovars to be generous towards minorities

All Kosovo Dailies carry an address by Prime Minister Agim Çeku to the people of Kosovo.

“Today we are winners, and as winners we should be generous. Let us behave
that way. We should never again allow things to go backwards. It is our obligation to
integrate the minorities in our society. Let us create room for a dignified life for all the people of Kosovo, regardless of their ethnicity,” Çeku said according to Zëri.
This is your Kosovo, Express headlined his address. The paper carries
PM’s entire speech calling the majority Albanian population for generosity towards minorities. “I am aware that reconciliation takes time, especially when each generation in Kosovo has been affected by animosities and discrimination. We need to strive to create conditions that future generations live in a climate of harmony and understanding.

Today, the entire region has been given the chance to leave the past behind and
to build a better future in the united and prosperous Europe. Let us move forward with joint forces,” was his message address both to Albanians and Serbs.

Epoka e Re reports that Çeku started his weekly addresses on the radio and asked the
people to look at Kosovo’s perspective.

Several dailies report that the PM will address the people every Monday in the
American style. Like Bush, says Kosova Sot headline.

KTV and RTK also report of a letter addressed by the Kosovo PM to the Kosovo
Serb community in which he says: “You are Kosovars, being Serbs at the same time. Your cultural identity will be fully respected and promoted. Your predecessors lived here;you were born here; your children’s future will be here. Don’t make the mistake to divide from Kosovo and leave your homes by listening to the calls of others who have never lived in Kosovo.”

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