Wednesday, March 01, 2006

KPC General Agim Çeku – Prime Minister

Latest Update: Prime Minister of Kosovo has just resigned and the head of Parliament Nexhat Daci was sacked by the LDK. Kosovo media report that KPC General Agim Çeku has been nominated to take the position of Prime Minister and Kole Berisha, current deputy of LDK, will be replacing Nexhat Daci. 10:35

K. daily Express writes on the front page that the Government of Kosovo is expected
to be enriched not only with two new ministers but also with a new Prime Minister.
Paper’s sources say that Bajram Kosumi is suppose to leave and that KPC General
Agim Çeku has received an offer from the AAK to take the post. Çeku has not
accepted the offer, the paper says.

These changes will take place, according to sources, because the Government has
failed to show the necessary efficiency in carrying out duties. Another reason for
changes, says Express, is the lack of loyalty shown by some ministers and the
Prime Minister to the AAK party.

Package Removal
Another K. daily Koha Ditore reports that Prime Minister Kosumi is convinced to continue
his mandate until next elections and that, according to him, scenarios for his dismissal
have existed for a year now. Kosumi in this way has reacted to voices from his
office and the AAK on the possibility of his withdrawal. Sources from Prime
Minister’s Office and from the AAK also mention the possibility of ‘package
removal’ of the Prime Minister Kosumi and Parliamentary Speaker Nexhat Daci.

Pressure against PM is coming from his party, while pressure on Daci is mixed –
from his party and from the opposition, says the paper.

Another K. daily reports that Ceku has acctauly accepted the offer.

“The reasons for the change at the head of the Government lies in the fact that the programs of implementing international standards have not been conceived in time, but also the lack of loyalty shown by Kosumi and several ministers from his party.” daily Ekspres writes.

Ekspres has close ties to Hashim Thachi’s Kosovo Democratic Party, which is part of the opposition.

During an interview with Radio Television Kosovo yesterday, Kosumi was asked whether he will remain Prime Minister during the status discussion process.

“I do not know what will happen tomorrow.” Kosumi said.

Interview by the same station several days ago, Ceku said that he is prepared to accept the position of prime minister for the good of the people of Kosovo.

Ceku has close ties with former prime minister Ramus Haradinaj, who nominated Kosumi for the position after being indicted for alleged war crimes by the Hague Tribunal.


Balkan Update said...

This is good news. Ceku is a good leader and has some good friends in the US. Also it will be easier for him to make difficult decisions because majority of people in Kosovo respect him and admire his discipline. Kosumi didn't turn out to be a good leader,and besides he didn't really have a big following.

I suspect Serbs will go ballistic about Ceku, but there is not whole a lot they can do. Wish Ceku a good luck! I am concerned who will take over the KPC- It will be hard to fill Ceku's shoes.
Ferik F.

Balkan Update said...

Not happy about Kole Berisha becoming the head of Parliament. He has none of the elements of a leader and doesn't have a lot of following in Kosovo (Even his follow Catholics don't support him). I think he was elected because he is an extremely loyal supporter of LDK. You cannot even compare him Daci, and we will see that he will not be as successful as Daci was. Party loyalty in LDK gets you wherever you want to go!

Daci was doing a fine Job and it’s a shame that LDK sacked him because he didn't follow the party line. I think this is the beginning of the decline of LDK. There is nobody left in that party anymore. This will obviously benefit the Opposition (Thaqi and Surroi) a great deal. LDK is doing the opposition a great service.
Ferik F.

Anonymous said...

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