Thursday, March 02, 2006

Local and international reactions to new development in Kosovo

Dailies cover reactions of local and international officials following the sudden
changes in the Government of Kosovo, mainly saying they do not expect setbacks
in the process of the negotiations for Kosovo’s status.

Resignation, part of democracy, dailies and broadcasters quote the SRSG as
saying. He thanked Kosumi and Daci for their contribution so far and expressed
hope to cooperate closely with the new Prime Minister and Assembly President
when elected by the Assembly.

Local and international leaders not concerned about changes in the institutions,
says Zëri headline. LDK considers Daci’s dismissal as a test for the democracy of
the country, says the paper. Changes are part of a normal process, the paper quotes
President Sejdiu as saying. PDK leader Hashim Thaçi has said that the process of
making the state of Kosovo is not linked to individuals, while ORA chief Veton
Surroi has said that changes should have taken place earlier.

Martti Ahtisaari, currently on a visit to Kosovo, says there will be no negative
impact on the status process he is leading, according to the paper.
Kosovo Serbs see resignations or dismissals and the nomination of KPC
Commander Agim Çeku as strengthening of the radical elements in Kosovo,
media report, citing information from Serbian News Agency Beta.
EU interested in maintaining the negotiations team of unity, reports Koha Ditore.

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