Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Mobikos-Mobitel preparing to start work

(K. Dailies)
Zëri reports on the front page that Mobikos-Mobitel consortium is only “waiting
from a YES” from the Government of Kosovo before they start to work. The
decision of the “IPKO Net” Company to accept the conclusions and the results
review of the mobile phone tender by British company KPMG is useful for the
development of the telecommunications sector, said the chief of the TRA Board,
Anton Berisha, according to the paper.

Kosova Sot reports on the front page that ‘Mobikos’ will start operation in March
and quotes the officials of the company ‘Mobikos-Mobitel’ as saying that legally
they have won the tender. “All the preparations have been done on time, therefore
on March we will start the work”, the paper quotes Fatmir Gashi, director of the
consortium as saying.

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