Thursday, March 09, 2006

Montenegro and Kosovo to form a union?

The former political representative of Kosovo Liberation Army
(UCK), Adem Demaci, has stated that the victory of the political option that
favours independence of Montenegro in the upcoming referendum would greatly
contribute to a fast-track independence of Kosovo. “The break-up of Serbia and
Montenegro would greatly contribute to the creation of an independent Kosovo.

If Montenegro becomes independent, Kosovo will have a neighbour with whom it
could have brotherly relations,” Demaci told the Podgorica daily Dan. He added
that the Kosovo Albanians, who are in hurry to get independence, attach great
importance to Milo Djukanovic’s attempts “to release Montenegro from the
Serbian hug.”

According to Demaci, Djukanovic, who can hardly wait for Montenegro to become
independent, would be equally glad to see an independent Kosovo.
“Our brotherly states would then form a union,” Demaci concluded.

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