Monday, March 20, 2006

Path toward an army

Express carries a two-page article on the Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC) and its
future development. “Kosovars claim to have an army of their own, the Serb
citizens of Kosovo don’t want the KPC to transform into the army of Kosovo,
while local officials hesitate to talk about the issue as according to them
everything depends on the final status of Kosovo,” says the article.

According to the paper, “ideas on the possible transformation of the KPC into an
army or some other organisation seem to be an internal matter of local and
international institutions”.

Citing unnamed international sources, Express says that in 2005 there was an idea
to transform the KPC. According to this idea, the KPC would have 2005 members,
which would be divided into a gendarmerie, ceremonial guard and peacekeeping
However, KPC Coordinator Chris Steirn told the paper that he had never heard of
such an idea and doubts that it ever existed. At the same time, KPC officials said
they were aware of the idea. “The idea that you are mentioning was last year, but
we didn’t accept it,” said KPC spokesman Shemsi Syla. According to Syla, at the
end of 2005, former KPC Commander Çeku together with some experts prepared
a project that should be applied after the settlement of Kosovo’s status and which
envisages the KPC as an army.

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