Thursday, March 23, 2006

Petersen asks for disregard of Serbian indictments

PRISTINA -- Thursday - UNMIK chief Soren Jessen-Petersen is urging international community to disregard Interpol’s warrant for the arrest of Kosovo PM Agim Ceku. A letter that was brought to the notice of AP news agency reportedly cites Petersen as saying that UNMIK does not admit the validity of the warrants against Agim Ceku and Hasim Taqi. AP did not specify who was the recipient of the letter, but reveals the UNMIK chief’s assertion that the UN had jurisdiction over Kosovo and that the warrants against Ceku and Taqi were violating this principle.

Petersen reportedly said that the Interpol warrants for the arrest of Ceku and Taqi had to be set aside because both had to be allowed to move around freely. Ceku’s visit to Brussels, during which he talked to Javier Solana and Jap de Hop Shefer, indicates some countries have already accommodated Petersen’s request. Ceku said that NATO would stay in Kosovo after the issue of its future status is resolved, adding that he could not rule out outbursts of violence during the status-defining process, but that they were highly unlikely. Ceku said the solution for Kosovo would be what the majority want it to be and that the minority would accept that solution, because they would realize that it will suit their interests as well. “As you are well aware, we are a European state with a clear orientation towards EU and NATO membership. We are very pleased that the EU has opened a European perspective for Kosovo and we have a clearly defined plan for European integration. We are using this agenda for the development of Kosovo as well. I am glad to have talked to Solana in Brussels and to have convinced him that in Kosovo we are thinking of nothing but the European perspective and development of Kosovo in line with European standards. I hope we shall become part of the EU very soon”, said the former KLA commander. Serbia has issued an international warrant for Ceku’s arrest on count of war crimes charges. Hasim Taqi is also charged with war crimes by the indictment rasied at the District Court of Pristina. B92

Kosovo [Kosova] Media

Koha Ditore reports that SRSG Jessen-Petersen has intervened to waive the
international arrest warrant against Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Çeku and PDK
leader Hashim Thaçi. The paper says the SRSG addressed Contact Group
countries for help to solve the issue of indictments raised by Serbia and submitted
to the Interpol.

The paper carries a scanned copy of the letter the SRSG sent to British diplomat in
Pristina David Blunt explaining that UNMIK has exclusive legal jurisdiction over
Kosovo and that the warrant issued in Serbia against Agim Çeku and Hashim
Thaci is in breach of these principles and therefore its validity is not recognized,
said the SRSG according to the paper.


Mike said...

Agim Ceku and Hasim Taqi are without any doubt war criminals. They want to take Serbian Kosovo in order to create Great Albania.
We should help christian Serbs and we should stop muslim Albanians to kill Serbs in Serbian Kosovo!

Ferik said...
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Ferik said...

Hmm, are you claiming not to be Serbian?
Hope not, because this is not working. It’s funny that so many Serbs pretend to be none Serbs when commenting on websites. Does it have anything to do with the fact that not so many Serbs take your side and you fill obliged to fill in void? Please be yourself and don’t become parrot-like spitting out pre-packed sentences. Write something original please.