Friday, March 31, 2006

PM Çeku: Kosovo Serbs are hostages of Belgrade’s policy

Several K. daily newspapers cover the meetings that editors and journalists of
Belgrade-based print and electronic media had yesterday with Kosovar and
international leaders in Pristina. Zëri puts the emphasis on their meeting with
Prime Minister Çeku, and quotes the latter as saying that Kosovo Serbs are held
hostage by Belgrade’s policy and that the position to boycott Kosovo’s democratic
and legitimate institutions was imposed on Kosovo Serbs.

“They must understand that their future is here and for this very reason they must
join the Kosovo institutions. As a majority, Albanians have to ensure conditions
for freedom of movement and conditions for a normal life and work for all ethnic
communities in Kosovo, especially for the Serbs. The Kosovo Government is
committed to helping Serbs join the institutions of Kosovo,” Çeku added.

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Anonymous said...

Where have Albanians been for the past 7 years. Killing Serbs, destroying their cultural sites. All of sudden they are to be trusted? They are delusional. Serbs are facing genocide.