Wednesday, March 22, 2006

PM Çeku visiting Vienna and Brussels

Zëri reports that Prime Minister Agim Çeku had a working supper with UN Status
Envoy Martti Ahtisaari and his deputy Albert Rohan last night, and that today and
tomorrow he is going to visit Brussels where he will meet Javier Solana, Olli Rehn
and Jaap de Hoop Scheffer. “We are working to win the trust of minorities,” the paper
uses Çeku’s quote as a headline.

“This is the first meeting of Mr. Ahtisaari with Prime Minister Çeku. Ahtisaari wants
to hear from Prime Minister about his steps for the implementation of Standards. Also,
Ahtisaari wants to brief the Prime Minister on the current process for the solution of
the status”, Zëri quotes Ahtisaari’s spokeswoman Hua Jiang as saying. Shortly before
departing at Pristina Airport, PM Çeku said that he will talk with Ahtisaari about the
approach of the key status negotiator towards the solution of Kosovo status and will
brief him on the approach of Kosovo’s Government towards the process.

Ahtisaari and Rohan host supper for Çeku in Vienna, says Epoka e Re headline.
Express reports that in his visit outside the country in the capacity as Prime Minister,
Agim Çeku will met senior international officials involved in the Kosovo status talks.

PM Çeku: We are working at gaining the trust of minorities

Agim Çeku said that Kosovo government will be working unreservedly for being as
responsive as possible to the needs of the citizens and that one of the main goals is
gain the trust the minority community. “I’m working [on this] since the first day. It is
a laborious process. It is a long process, but we will never stop working on it” said
Çeku before his departure to Vienna where he is to meet with UN Status Envoy Martti
Ahtisaari, Zëri reports
Speaking on his visit to Vienna and Brussels, Çeku said that he will inform Ahtisaari
about Kosovo Government approach to status negotiations and discuss about the
mediators approach too. Furthermore, Çeku will also have tête-à-tête meetings with
the EU High Representative Javier Solana and EU Enlargement Commissioner Olli
Rehn and NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hop Scheffer. “I will discuss with them
the European perspective of Kosovo and out path towards NATO”, he added.

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