Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Radicals and Socialists lost Kosovo

The Chairman of the European Movement in Serbia Zivorad Kovacevic has said
that SPS and SRS will be held responsible for the eventual loss of Kosovo.

Kovacevic reminded that these two parties were in power when the Kumanovski
Agreement was signed in 1999, which handed Kosovo over to the UN forces. “No
one will be particularly upset if we end discussions, especially if we sever all
diplomatic relations, as SRS and SPS are announcing. This is an act of
irresponsible ‘patriotic’ rhetoric that can lead to nothing useful,” Kovacevic said.


Ed said...


I guess this is a newish blog or something by the date on it, but anyway, it's really cool, I like it. I've wacked a link to it on my blog also so I'll make sure I come and check it out as often as possible.

Tell me though, you write about Serbia and Kosova- what is your view on the situation or are you very 'sit on the fence' impartial?

Take care,

Balkan Update said...

Hi there,
My blog's been around for a while actually. Thanks for putting a link in you site- I appreciate. Bu the way, you have a very nice site! For a foreigner you have a lot of knowledge for the Balkans and Kosovo. I read some comments in your site, and I did notice a lot of hateful comments, but looks like you have been putting up with those people in a professional manner.

As far as my views about Serbia and Kosova are concerned, I most definitely support Kosova’s Independence. The fact of the matter is that anyone who knows a thing or two about the region will come to same conclusion. There is just not a whole a lot of alternatives. Obviously a lot of Serbs will beg to differ but that is so because they are not well informed about the situation. Their leaders still fool them into thinking that Kosovo is still a part of Serbia. They still act like the War of 1999 never happened.

Keep up the good work in your Blog!