Monday, March 06, 2006

Serbia-Montenegro President joins Independence camp

Marovic to join independence campaign
BELGRADE -- Monday – Serbia-Montenegro President Svetozar Marovic said that he will be actively participating in the Montenegrin referendum campaign.

Marovic told daily Danas that he will continue to take care of his duties as President, but that he will not be able to hide the fact that he belongs to the democratic majority in Montenegro.

Marovic could not say exactly how is job will be effected, having to at the same time represent two different goals; one as president of the federal union of Serbia-Montenegro and one supporting the independence of Montenegro, but he did tell Danas why he made this decision.

“One part of the Serbian public, and part of the Montenegrin, expects me to resign and leave the position of the federal union’s president, some are even radically suggesting that I should be chased out. I am not asking for a great amount of understanding, or forgiveness for the ambivalence of my situation, nor am I mad at my critics. I will repeat, as long as I am at this position, I will continue to take care of my business as responsibly as I can. At the same time, I cannot, nor do I wish to, hide the fact that I am from Montenegro and that I belong to the democratic majority of Montenegro.” Marovic said. B92

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