Thursday, March 23, 2006

Serbian war crime suspect has become father

A former head of the Yugoslav army has become a father while awaiting trial for alleged war crimes in Kosovo, Serbian media reports say.
Former Serbian General Nebojsa Pavkovic and his partner had been allowed to use a "comfort room" in his detention unit at The Hague tribunal.

Gen Pavkovic, 59, became a grandfather on the same day, the reports say, when his daughter also gave birth.

The general, who denies attacking ethnic Albanians, is on temporary release.

The former general's new daughter is his fifth child, and his first with 26-year-old partner Maja. He divorced his fourth wife Gloria in 2003.

Detainees awaiting trial in The Hague are kept at Scheveningen

"The general is delighted. Of course he would be, when he has two reasons to celebrate," a friend told Kurir newspaper.

The two babies - both girls - were said to be doing well.

His partner reportedly became pregnant in June last year after the couple spent a day in a special "comfort room" for conjugal visits at the Scheveningen detention centre.

Scheveningen has been described as the world's most luxurious prison, though correspondents say it was designed to press home the idea that inmates were innocent until proven guilty.

'Honourable soldier'

Gen Pavkovic is accused of involvement in the murder of hundreds of civilians and of forcing out about 800,000 from Kosovo.

He has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Serbia's current government has described him as an "honourable soldier".

The former general was once an ally of fellow war crimes defendant, former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, who was found dead in his cell at Scheveningen earlier this month.

But he switched sides and refused to use troops against pro-democracy protesters who toppled Mr Milosevic. BBC


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