Thursday, March 23, 2006

Solana wants Kosovo Government to work harder

Koha Ditore reports on the front page that the Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Çeku
received praises and clear messages from Brussels. EU encouraged with Çeku,
expects more work and less words from the Government, says the headline to the

From his side Çeku promised to take steps to reach out to minorities and called on
Kosovo Serbs to consider Kosovo as their homeland and work together with
Kosovo institutions to address their concerns, reports Koha Ditore.

Solana wants more work from the Government, Çeku promises concrete steps for
integration of minorities, reports Zëri in its lead story. “I trust you, we both took
off uniforms. We can talk about politics. What is happening in Kosovo is not easy,
but you are not for easy tasks”, the paper quotes EU High Representative Javier
Solana as saying to PM Çeku.

Several dailies carry headlines along the line that Solana expresses full support
and trust for Prime Minister Çeku.

All Kosovo wide broadcasters reported about the visit by commenting that Agim
Çeku brought the message to Brussels that Kosovo has only one agenda, “Status,
integration into EU, integration into NATO”.

RTK has reported the dissatisfaction expressed by Solana with the low level of
standards implementation and quoted him as asking to the Kosovo PM “more
actions than words”

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