Thursday, March 23, 2006

SRSG and Kosovo President meet communities in Rahovec

K. Dailies and TVs’ covered the visit of the SRSG Jessen-Petersen and Kosovo President
Fatmir Sejdiu to Rahovec where they have addressed concerns raised by citizens in
two separate meetings; Standards, security, freedom of movement, economy,
decentralisation, missing persons and the status process.

Most papers highlight the call of both leaders to the Serb community to integrate
into Kosovo society. In a debate with citizens they also urged on all communities
to get closer one to another and in this way build the future for their children.

“You cannot complain of being isolated if you are not ready to go out and move
freely. You cannot complain that Kosovo society is divided if you are not ready to
integrate in it,” UNMIK chief is quoted to have told the Serb community
representatives, Zëri reports.

A local resident asked by RTK said that he move from one area to another only
with the escort of KFOR, UNMIK police and KPS, “not to mention other things.
We are really living in a ghetto.”

TVs’ report the SRSG saying that feeling of insecurity amidst Serbs is a result of the
lack of information. “Information gap and inaccurate information, or lack of it, adds
to the fears and concerns of the minorities. These meetings are very important at this
crucial moment to make sure that all the citizens of Kosovo know what is going on
and also know what they can expect”, said the SRSG.

He added that information and communication is very important at this crucial
period for the present and the future of Kosovo and its people.
Sejdiu on his part said, “We want to build a functional and legal state where the
human rights of all communities would be respected.”

Express under the caption Bad message from Rahovec writes that Jessen-Petersen
and Sejdiu got a clear message from the Serbs of the town who told the two
officials that they will not live in an independent Kosovo.

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