Wednesday, March 22, 2006

SRSG meets AAK President Ramush Haradinaj

All K. dailies cover yesterday’s meeting between UNMIK chief Søren Jessen-Petersen
and AAK leader and former PM Ramush Haradinaj. Most dailies highlight that
Haradinaj supports, what he called reasonable changes in the institutions and the
status process. He supports changes, reads a headline in Express. Dailies also focused
on Haradinaj’s statement that he would not be part of the Kosovo Negotiations Team.
Haradinaj and Jessen-Petersen discussed the developments that happened after the
death of President Ibrahim Rugova and the process related to the political status of
Kosovo, including the transfer of competencies, the functioning institutions and the
economic developments.

“I think one could notice early this year that the pace was going to change. The pace
has changed and these changes have brought a valuable dynamics and my belief is that
we are on a good pace now and that good work is being done for the status of Kosovo
and the lives of its citizens,” Haradinaj said.

Zëri quotes Haradinaj as saying that despite the expansion of freedoms, he has no
tendencies to take over responsibilities in the Kosovo Negotiations Team or in other
working groups, but he said he would be supporting their work.

Koha Ditore also quotes Haradinaj as saying that changes have brought dynamics in
favour of Kosovo. The paper notes that Haradinaj has promised the UNMIK chief that
he would show special commitment toward the Serb minority in Kosovo, and to other

Iliria Post reports on the front page that after one year and 8 days of silence,
Haradinaj reactivates in Kosovo’s political scene. According to Kosovar analysts,
during his tenure as Prime Minister the political scene had marked the most dynamic
period of good governance. The same analysts claim that even though in the shadows,
Haradinaj had his influence in the last 12 months.

Dailies note that the UNMIK chief didn’t talk to the media after the meeting. The press
quotes a press release issued by UNMIK as saying that Haradinaj stressed the
commitment of the AAK, as a governing coalition partner, to work hard on the
implementation of the Standards, including those essential to improve the living
conditions and future prospects of the minority communities, particularly the Kosovo

Express notes that the meeting happened almost one year after the ICTY filed an
indictment for war crimes against the former Kosovo Prime Minister. After the President,
the Government, the Assembly and UNMIK offered guarantees, the ICTY decided to
allow Haradinaj to defend himself in freedom. A week ago, the ICTY also allowed
Haradinaj to engage in political activities and make public statements.

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