Saturday, March 18, 2006

To Slobodan Milosevic: Thank you for all the lies,thievery and blood

For those few people that don't understand Serbian cyrillic (are there such people anyway?) here is the translation:

To Slobodan Milosevic

Thank you for all the lies and thievery, for blood of thousands innocent people, for fear and dubiousness, for lost lives and insecurity, for dreams which were never fulfilled, for horrors and wars which you lead in our name, without our agreement, for all your sins that you transferred to us!

We remember the military tanks and blood on Belgrade streets. We remember Dubrovnik. We remember Knin and Krajina. We remember Sarajevo and Srebrenica. We remember the NATO bombardment. We remember Kosovo. We are yet to remember it. And to dream about it.

We remember the dead, wounded, misfortuned and refugees. We remember our ruined lives.

The citizens of Serbia who remember
Nada (hope), Srecko (happiness), Zivko (life), Sloboda (freedom), Vesela (joy) and Mile Curcic


Anonymous said...

To blame Milosevic alone for the Balkan tragedies is naive. lets not forget the other players too; from the figures in the former Yugoslavia to the West...

Anonymous said...

Both Bulkan Update and the poster above need to give credit for using other people's materials. At least Bulkan Update came with something uplifting while the loser above just copied off a guy that preaches us how the West got it all wrong with the authority gained by having watched the Sarajevo siege nightly on TV.

Anonymous said...

dont believe everything you see on TV.. after all what is the purpose of news and TV? - "To Inform ppl??" WRONG! they want to make money... $$$

Yes Sarajevo was a horror... but so was Krajina, now thats something the West sponsored! 200 000 Serbs, cleansed from a land where they have lived for hundreds of years...

Balkan Update said...

I got this material from a friend of mine. So I don't even know where this was published. I apologize for not giving credit, but I am not sure where this was published first. But at least the names of people who wrote this are listed.

In any case, this shows that not all Serbs were Milosevic's collaborators.

Unfortunately, though, a lot of Serbs supported Milosevic. Like the bloggers above, some Serbs are still trying to defend him- You all should be ashamed of yourself. What good did Milosevic bring to Serbia? You say he defended Serbia, but he didn't even do that- Serbia is smaller now. And please stop with “Oh Milosevic wasn't the only one responsible"- so what if he wasn't the only? Nobody disputes the fact that he was the main instigator of all the wars. Oh, Also the Serbs in Croatia may have suffered too, but that does not make Milosevic not guilty. Everybody knows that Serbs suffered, but that was mostly revenge attacks (this does diminish the crimes).

I am still amazed how 80,000 Serbs came out to Slobos funeral-Shame Shame. It goes without saying that the majority of Serbs are living in denial!

More Serbs should join those young counter protesters (Only 3,000 unfortunately). That's the only way Serbia can move forward. More turbulent times for the people of Serbia ahead…………… !

Viktor said...

You can find the info on where the obituary was published right above it on my blog:
"One more thing in news today:
Since the counter-burial is no longer necesarry, a counter-obituary in a newspapers with the biggest circulation, "Politika", seemed like a good idea."

It's a pretty conservative paper and its editor claimed afterwards that the obituary was printed by mistake. She said that they would never publish it if she saw it first. Luckily she didn't.