Wednesday, April 12, 2006

25 minority members join the KPC

KPC hosted a ceremony yesterday when new members were admitted to
the organization, Kosovo papers report. KPC now numbers 207 members
from minorities most of whom are Serbs, papers report. 12 Serbs,
6 Bosniacs,4 Croats, 1 Egyptian, 1 Turk and 1 Ashkali joined the
KPC this time.

“This is another example that the KPC belongs to all the citizens of
Kosovo regardless of their ethnicity and is ready to take on
responsibilities in various fields during the current mission but also
in the future one,” said KPC Commander Sylejman Selimi on the occasion.
The ceremony was also covered by the Kosovo wide broadcasters and RTK.


Anonymous said...

Ever thought about explaining what KPC is???This website is quite a moral booster for Serbs,thanks again.

WARchild said...

This is good new for all involved.

Balkan Update said...

Thu Apr 13, 12:19:27 AM,
I can't keep explaining acronyms every time i post an article about something. Anybody who knows a thing or two about Kosovo will know what KPC stands for. What's with “this website is a moral booster for Serbs"? Is this supposed to be some kind of sarcasms?

I got to tell you that those Serbs that were shown by RTK were very happy in KPC. They should be left alone to decide what's good for them, because what's good for them is not necessary good for Serbia.

You are right that this is good news for everybody involved. KPC has earned the respect of all communities with their hard work. If more Serbs join them, they will realize that KPC is not what they hear in their news. What a turnaround: seven years ago, Serbs were fighting these very people and now they are working together with them. That's pretty good progress in my watch.

Anonymous said...

I am sure any Serbs would resign if it became an army for Kosovo. Would Ceku be commander in chief?

Anonymous said...

Serbs would definitely not be Albanian areas and Albanians would definitely be in Serb areas. War would ensue.