Saturday, April 22, 2006

Artemije turns down Çeku’s participation in orthodox liturgy

All K. daily newspapers report that Prime Minister Agim Çeku has received
a negative response from the head of the Orthodox Church for Kosovo
Bishop Artemije, when he asked for permission to attend the liturgy of
Orthodox Easter in Gracanica.

In the meantime, the Office of the Prime Minister said that the aim of
Çeku’s visit was to get closer to the minorities in Kosovo, which is in
line with his goal to be a Prime Minister of all Kosovo citizens. “We regret
their refusal. The visit to Gracanica would have been a very good
opportunity to meet and talk. We are aware that there are problems,
we are aware that there are wounds from the past, but these must be
overcome,” said Ulpiana Lama, spokeswoman for the Kosovo Government.

Serbian media report that even though the PM didn’t receive approval from
Raska-Prizren Bishop Artemije to attend Easter Liturgy in the Gracanica
Monastery, Kosovo Premier Agim Ceku wishes a happy Easter to Orthodox
believers, said the Kosovo government spokesperson Ulpijana Ljama. She
told Radio Kontakt Plus that Ceku wanted to meet with all Serb leaders
in Kosovo.

Another Kosovo daily Bota Sot (World Today) had the following headline:
Brutal refusal of Bishop Artemije for PM Çeku and President Sejdiu.
The paper argues that Artemije was a strong Milosevic supporter and he

continues to be commanded from Belgrade.

Dailies report that in the meantime President Fatmir Sejdiu plans to visit the
Decani Monastery for Orthodox Easter.

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