Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ceku in Gracanica for Easter?

Agim Ceku
Agim Ceku

PRISTINA -- Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Ceku would like to attend Easter services in Gracanica.

Rasko Prizren Bishop Artemije confirmed for B92 that Ceku has asked to attend the service. According to B92’s sources, Ceku sent a letter to Bishop Artemije asking whether he could attend the Easter liturgy in Gracanica and wish all Orthodox Christians a happy Easter.

Kosovo President Fatmir Sejdiju wrote and sent a similar request to the monastery in Visoki Decani.

Bishop Artemije is expected to make a decision on Ceku’s request by the end of the day. B92


Anonymous said...

A terrorist murderer of Serbs in church damaged by his terrorist group which he has not renounced? Never.

Balkan Update said...

If he was a terrorist he would have been send to Hague where most of Serb heroes are. Stop the BS and propaganda- it's not working. The Serb Orthodox Church is a disgrace to all the people it represents. It has supported nationalistic and genocidal policies of Serb governments for the last 100 years, including Milosevic's government. If you are in any doubt about the role of this church, read:
Heavenly Serbia: From Myth to Genocide by Branimir Anzulovic.

Artemije was a big Milosevic supporter when Milosevic was powerful, but later he realized that Milosevic was not going to achieve the goal of Greater Serbia and he dumped him. Serbian church is a more political then religious intuition. What can you expect from the Church that blessed people who slaughtered thousand’s of civilians in Bosnia?
What a disgrace!!