Tuesday, April 04, 2006

China demands opening of liason office in Pristina

Pristina, 2006/04/04/ - (Kosovapress)

Kosova’s prime, Agim Ceku, met on Tuesday Chinese ambassador to Belgrade, Lee Go Bang, with which he talked about actual political developments in Kosova.

Prime Ceku welcomed the request of Chinese ambassador to Belgrade, Lee Go bang, for opening of liaison office in Pristina.

During thie meeting the PM expressed his assurance that a direct Chinese representation in Prishtina would be a sign of new era in bilateral relations and would intensify relations of Kosova and China.

Accept in principle of the request for office opening will be campaigned with concrete and formal steps for realization of this initiative.

Ceku informed Chinese ambassador with the latest actual political developments in Kosova, and engagement of the government of Kosova. The PM confirmed that the objectives and priorities of Kosova’s Government are directed in closure with success of the negotiation process for the status of Kosova, standards implementation and minority integration in joint life and Kosova’s institutions.

During the meeting, Ceku and Lee talked also about the negotiation process in Vienna. PM Ceku displayed the point of view of the kosovar side as civilized, honest, and real, continuing that the platform followed is in harmony with the principles of Contact Group.

Ambassador Lee insured that the attitude of Popular Republic of China concerning Kosova is in harmony with Contact Group stand and those of Security Council of United Nations. Ambassador Lee said that his government is interested that the negotiation process goes on and result with end acceptable for both sides, announces Prime’s Office for Public Information.


Anonymous said...

I guess China is ready to let go of Taiwan.

Balkan Update said...

Taiwan has been gone for 50 years now.

WARchild said...

With the other US Security Council veto members in the Contact Group, this practically means that whatever Contact Groups comes with, SC will approve.

Yakima_Gulag said...

This is interesting in that China is one of Serbia's best allies. So I'm sure they feel they must defend themselves.

Balkan Update said...

China just wants to stay in the loop, that's all. They really have no Interests in Kosovo or Serbia, so in the end they will go with whatever the EU and U.S decide. I would not worry about China at all- They are more concerned with finding more oil supplies for their hungry and growing economy.

They like to open an office in Prishtina because every important country has one. China likes to think of herself as an important country, which of course they are.

Yakima_Gulag said,

Why do you say China is Serbia's best ally? China used to have a strategic relation with Yugoslavia, but now they have very little interest in the landlocked Serbia.