Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ivanovic: Synchronized moves by Podgorica and Pristina

SNC[Serb Party] leader for northern Kosovo Milan Ivanovic has said
that the statement by former KLA political leader Adem Demaci that
if Montenegro and Kosovo were independent, they could unite, shows
that Podgorica and Pristina are making synchronized moves.

Both have common lobbyists, like Bob Dole, while
Demaci’s statement should also be understood as a hint that parts of
Montenegro could later on be united with Great Albania, he said.
“I hope the wishes of those advocating independence of Kosovo
and Montenegro will not be achieved and that the people in
Montenegro will recognize the true values and the wish of the
individuals to receive amnesty, by creating their own state,
for affairs that are on the other side of the law,” said Ivanovic.

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