Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Jessen-Petersen attacks Belgrade over boycott

Jessen-Petersen to Belgrade : bring an end to the policy of boycott

On the opening of the two-day meeting on the Strategy and Action Plan for the
Return of Communities, both UNMIK Chief and Kosovo PM Agim Çeku called
on the associations of the displaced to come up with concrete
recommendations on the issue, dailies report.

According to Koha Ditore, Jessen-Petersen used the opportunity to call on
Belgrade for altering its approach and allow the involvement of K-Serbs in the
Kosovo institutions. “We are here today to lay the foundations for the return.
The Belgrade policy operates in different directions. I appeal on Belgrade
to act in the interest of the people of Kosovo” said Jessen-Petersen.

The paper also report that the SRSG also reiterated the importance
of addressing the main concerns of the minority communities as personal
safety, access to commercial and agricultural property, health care, water
and electricity.

Serb news agency Tanjug reports that UNMIK Head Søren Jessen-Petersen was concerned over the continuing requests by Belgrade to Kosovo Serbs to boycott provincial institutions. “We are here to lay the foundations for the return. Belgrade’s policy is directed in the opposite direction.
I appeal to Belgrade to work in the interest of the people of Kosovo,” said Jessen-Petersen at the opening of the workshop in Pristina on the
new Strategy and Action Plan for Communities and Return.

Kosova Sot headlined Jessen-Petersen attacks Belgrade


Anonymous said...

It is clear that the only way Serbs will remain or return to Kosovo is if they can govern their own affairs and be citizens of Serbia.

They are not going to pledge loyalty to Ceku.

Balkan Update said...

Ok, but that is not likely to happen. So what should happen to Kosovo Serbs then? They should leave Kosovo?

Anonymous said...

Of course theyll govern there own affairs.Serbs wont be going no where they have faced great foes in the past and you guys in comparsion are pretty comical really.

Anonymous said...

It seems clear the Albanians are looking for a settlement designed to make Serbs leave. Serbs are not going to trust Albanians to be police officers, judges, anything in their areas. It is guaranteed to be discriminatory as KLA Ceku will be the head of everything. If the Serbs can't govern their own affairs it is ethnic cleansing.

Balkan Update said...

Thu Apr 13, 09:57:48 AM,
Serbs have to decide whether they want to live in Kosovo as a minority with all their rights guaranteed or go live in Serbia as second class citizens. It’s their choice! It's not up to Kosovo Serbs to decide who becomes the Prime Minister of Kosovo because that will decide by the majority, just like in any other democracy. Also, Serbs should not expect to have more privileges then other minorities in Kosovo and the region (Turks, Bosniacs, and Roma in Kosovo and Albanians in Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia).

Anonymous said...

There is no way, just no way with Ceku as leader and so may KLA people in power Serbs would not be discriminated against and persecuted -they should push for partition and border change. If Serbia's borders can change so can Kosovo's.

Balkan Update said...

Serbia's borders have changed. Yugoslavia and Serbia is not the same thing, but I guess a lot of people in Serbia thought that was the case (See Heavenly Serbia).
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