Thursday, April 13, 2006

Meeting between Kostunica -Çeku and between Sejdiu-Tadic being prepared

Koha Ditore reports in the leading story that UN Status Envoy Martti Ahtisaari,
before his report to the UN Security Council in July, has planed to meet
face-toface the Prime Ministers and Presidents of Kosovo and Serbia. Unnamed
sources close to Ahtisaari told the paper that the meeting could happen in the second half of June or several days before the report at the UN Security Council.

“President Ahtisaari has planned to prepare a report on the course of
negotiations and to present it to the UN Security Council in early July.
However, in the meantime, there have also been plans to have a handshake at the highest level, be it the Prime Ministers or the Presidents of Belgrade and
Pristina,” unnamed diplomats told Koha Ditore.

According to Ahtisaari’s office, the first high-level meeting is more likely to
happen between Kosovo PM Agim Çeku and his Serbian counterpart Vojislav
Kostunica. “Prime Minister Çeku is cooperative, but if the Serbian Prime
Minister doesn’t express the same willingness, then we will have to organise
the meeting at the level of presidents, and in doing so we expect cooperation
and understanding from both parties,” added the diplomats from Vienna.

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kosmet1 said...

Kostunica should get a promise of partition or something for Serbs before he meets with anyone from his own province.