Friday, April 28, 2006

Montenegro and Kosovo are two separate issues

Montenegrin Foreign Minister Miodrag Vlahovic has completed a two-day
working visit to Vienna in a meeting with UN Deputy Envoy Albert Rohan,
where it has been concluded that the referendum in Montenegro and the
future of the southern Serbian province are two completely separate issues.

Vlahovic has stated that he strongly emphasized that Montenegro is among
those who fully support international community principles, that is, positions
related to multi-ethnicity, preservation of borders, and impossibility of
Kosovo’s union with other states.

Croatian member of the B&H Presidency Ivo Miro Jovic, who is in Banjaluka
with a high delegation of the Croatian Democratic Union, has told Tanjug that
proclamation of independent Kosovo would be a precedent in Europe. It would
be establishment of the second Albanian state in Europe and a precedent for
Europe, which would create an unstable situation, specified Jovic. He believes
that the final solution of the Kosovo status will be found through agreement
of Belgrade and Pristina.

Kosovo Assembly Speaker Kolj Berisha has stated that the disputable issues
that regard the SCG-Macedonian border in the part towards Kosovo will be
resolved after the Kosovo status is established and that there is unnecessary
big fuss regarding that issue. Berisha told RTV 21 in Pristina that Kosovo
was interested in good relations with all neighbors, especially with Macedonia. RTS/Tanjug/B92

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