Friday, April 28, 2006

PM Çeku: Stable Macedonia is in the interest of Kosovo

The leading front-page story in Zëri is an interview with Kosovo Prime
Minister Agim Çeku, exclusively for the issue of the border between
Kosovo and Macedonia. The paper puts the main focus on the following
quote by Çeku: A stable Macedonia is Kosovo’s vital interest.

“In fact, I think that the press has complicated (relations between Kosovo
and Macedonia), but I think these will be clarified very soon in the upcoming
meeting. For us this is a technical issue that we will solve after the status in
the spirit of cooperation like two friends that solve disputes between them,”
Çeku was quoted as saying.

The Kosovo PM said that the reactions of Macedonian politicians were done
more for internal political consumption. He also added that the border
agreement between the FRY and Macedonia is an apple of discord between
Kosovo and Macedonia to prevent the two countries from developing
relations in the spirit of cooperation.

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