Monday, April 10, 2006

Sen. Voinovich: Belgrade must prepare for Kosovo’s independence

Zëri quotes US Senator George Voinovich as saying that there is
consensus in the Contact Group that the final status of Kosovo will
be independence. “I must say that the most certain epilogue is
Kosovo’s independence and I think that Belgrade must prepare for
this possibility. However, Kosovo will not gain independence until it
doesn’t meet certain requirements of the international community,” said
Voinovich, who, according to the paper, is of Serbian origin.

Voinovich also considers that an independent Kosovo, if it is multiethnic
and a free society, would not destabilise the region. “What would destabilise
the region is the continuation of the current situation,” he added.


Anonymous said...

There will be an explosion of ethnic conflict all over the Balkans with Kosovo independence. Macedonia will definitely be destroyed.

As long as Serbs in Kosovo remain citizens of Serbia I think there won't be a war after the nationalists take over Serbia.

Anonymous said...

an independent Kosovo, if it is multiethnic
and a free society, would not destabilise

Fat Chance. Ceku is war crimial who hates Serbs.

Balkan Update said...

Of course Ceku does not hate Serbs. There isn't a single shred of evidence to prove that-it is all stupid propaganda spread by Serbian media. In fact there is evidence to prove the opposite-He addresses Kosovo citizens in Albanian and Serbian. Now the question is this: can we get Koshtunica to speak Albanian in the Serbian Parliament?

Anonymous said...

Speaking Serbian does not make up for launching wars and ethnic cleansing in both Kosovo and Croatia.

It is a cynical ploy to play up to the west who wants to belive he will be a peace loving leader and wont launch a campaing of ethnic cleansing against Serbs the first chance he gets.

Balkan Update said...

Your might want to write Sen. Voinovich, who is of Serbian origin. Do you think he has ill-wills towards Serbia?