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Spear us the propaganda please

This is Interesting. I recently came across an article titled "Ceku must face justice" written by a certain SCOTT TAYLOR in The Chronicle Herald of
Canada. The tile of the article grabbed my attention, so I decided to read it. I have never seen such a meet-less article written in a reputable newspaper (although I don't know how reputable this particular newspaper is). It was full of propaganda, myths and plagiarism.

The author regurgitates all the known facts about the subject (probably copied from Wire networks) and then mixes it with the propaganda, some myths and his "wise” opinions. It's the worst cocktail possible, and came out as very amateurish. So I decided to write him back. Here is what came out of this “heated” conversation. Pay very close attention to one of his responses when he makes an attempt to compare Saddam Hussein (Yes Saddam Hussein) with Agim Ceku. In addition to that, he makes a claim that
the Hague has already issued a sealed warrant against Ceku , but the problem is that THe Hague has already said that it does not have any pending indictments. He can be reached at

Original Article:

Ceku must face justice


LAST WEEK, I just happened to be in Belgrade attending a conference on the future status of Kosovo when the funeral for former Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic was held.

True to form, the western media's coverage of these events presented accused war criminal Milosevic as evil incarnate and the Serbian people, by extension, as something bordering on the subhuman.

Almost entirely lost in the frenzy to heap responsibility for a decade's worth of death and destruction into Slobo's coffin was the announcement that the Albanians in Kosovo have just selected a new prime minister.

To have examined this development in the slightest would have served to spread around some of the blame and to illustrate that the Serbs certainly did not have a monopoly on war crimes during those bloody civil wars. In fact, if one only casually glances at the resume of the incoming prime minister, Agim Ceku, it becomes apparent that his election flies in the face of international justice, foreshadows more violence in Kosovo and ignores the sacrifices and valour of our Canadian Forces.

In summary, Ceku, an Albanian Kosovar by birth, began his military career as an officer in the former federal Yugoslavian army. When the initial Yugoslav breakup occurred in 1991, Ceku was quick to switch his loyalty to the Croatian cause. As a colonel in the Croatian army, Ceku commanded the notorious 1993 operation in what is known as the Medak Pocket.

It was here that the men of the 2nd Battalion of Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry came face to face with the savagery of which Ceku was capable. Over 200 Serbian inhabitants of the Medak Pocket were slaughtered in a grotesque manner (the bodies of female rape victims were found after being burned alive). Our traumatized troops who buried the grisly remains were encouraged to collect evidence and were assured that the perpetrators would be brought to justice.

Nevertheless in 1995, Ceku, by then trained by U.S. instructors as a general of artillery, was still at large. In fact, he was the officer responsible for shelling the Serbian refugee columns and for targeting the UN-declared "safe" city of Knin during the Croatian offensive known as Operation Storm. Some 500 innocent civilians perished in those merciless barrages, and senior Canadian officers who witnessed the slaughter demanded that Ceku be indicted. Once again, their pleas fell of deaf ears.

Just a few months after the Storm atrocities, Canada's own Louise Arbour began making a name for herself as the chief prosecutor for the war crimes tribunal in The Hague. Despite the Canadian connection to these alleged crimes, Arbour and her lawyers chose instead to pursue more "politically prominent" individuals such as Milosevic, and other senior Serbs, while nothing was done to bring Ceku to justice.

Fast-forward to January 1999, and the world's attention begins to focus on a war-ravaged Kosovo. With the blessing of the U.S. State Department and NATO, Ceku takes his retirement (at age 37) from the Croatian army and is pronounced supreme commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army.

Throughout the air campaign against Yugoslavia, Ceku was portrayed as a loyal ally and he was frequently present at NATO briefings with top generals such as Wesley Clark and Michael Jackson.

Under the terms of the June 1999 Kosovo peace deal, Ceku's Albanian guerrillas were to be disarmed and reconstituted into a UN-sponsored (non-military) disaster relief organization known as the Kosovo Protection Corps. But despite the fact that they now collected UN paycheques, Ceku's men never gave up their guns — nor their quest for a Greater Albania

From the armed Albanian incursions into southern Serbia in 2000 — and Macedonia in 2001 — right up until the violent pogrom unleashed against Kosovo Serbs in March 2004, Ceku's brand of violence, hatred and ethnic cleansing has remained unchanged.

Now he is being hailed as a political leader, and the world is once again turning a blind eye to his crimes.

Hopefully, Canada at least will respect the eyewitness testimony of our own peacekeepers and finally insist that Ceku face the same justice that was demanded of Slobodan Milosevic.

Presenting the soldiers of the 2nd Battalion of Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry with a belated Governor General's unit citation for the Medak Pocket battle will remain a hollow gesture until Ceku is held responsible for his atrocities.

My email:

Mr. Taylor,
Just came across this article by chance in a Serbian website.
I got to tell you sir you are definitely off target and frankly have a very scant knowledge of the Balkans( Most of the info is being regurgitated ). You comparing Ceku with Milosevic? Oh boy, that tells us about your objectivity.

Also, sir if one reads this article you get an impression that only Serbs were killed during all those wars, which is of course utter none sens. I mean you didn't find a line to mention the Bosnian and Kosovo victims, but you found plenty of room for the Serb victims in Croatia. This is a blatant journalistic violation - as one sided as it gets. Oh, and those Generals you speak of? They have been interviewed by the Hague ( in case you didn't know), and nothing came out of it. Why do you think Hague would indict Haradinaj and not Ceku? Maybe they don't have any evidence? Did that cross your mind? Or perhaps you are a judge and a prosecutor yourself?

If you have something new to offer, go ahead, but regurgitating old news and claiming Ceku should be sent to jail is a little to much. I guarantee you will not achieve anything with fabrication-other than convincing yourself to believe them.

His email back to me:

You really should be a little more objective yourself. Ceku is guilty of some hideous crimes, and I don't think that even you Kosovar Albanians really want to build a new state around a man capable of such things. Furthermore, The Hague Tribunal has a sealed indictment for Ceku, and you can bet they will use that as a threat to keep him in line whenever he strays from their desires.

Remember, in the 1980's Saddam Hussein was portrayed as a good guy. ST

My response back to him:

Too bad, Hague has already said that there are no more pending indictments (sealed or otherwise) or investigations (or you don't know this?). Sorry to disappoint you.

What does this have to do with Saddam Hussein??? I am baffled here......Are you implying Ceku is like Saddam? No bad blood, but you argument is amateurish and emotional for a serious writer! You article will make you look foolish in any professional circle that knows a thing or two about Balkans. I guess you could use this feedback to improve your fact-checking in your future writings.

His email back to me:

I don't see you offering up any "facts" at all......And it seems that you simply don't want to believe that Ceku should face justice for his inhuman acts. Well if that is the sort of Kosova you wish to build around such a war criminal....Then you are welcome to it. Just don't ask the world community to come in and bail you out again.



My response back to him:

It's funny that you bring up world community, because you are definitely on the extreme fringe of this community. The main leaders of this community are hanging out with Mr. Ceku everyday. I have not seen your hero's (e.i Mladic,Karadzic) hanging out in Brussels lately. Oh wait, they can't get out of the rat holes they have been living in for the last 10 years. I have not seen anyone from Kosovo hiding in a rat hole afraid to face justice. They are all ready to face justice if that is called upon them ( Limaj, Haradinaj).

Your idea of Ceku having committed crimes against civilians is absurd. There is absolutely not a single shred of evidence that links him to any killings of Serb civilians (The indictment issued by Serbia against him is laughable, considering that they had issued same indictments against Solana,Blair and Clinton). Why do you suppose he is not being treated like the proven criminals: Milosevic,Sheshel,Mladic ,Karadzic? Do you think the world is scared of him? Or perhaps the Hague is out to get Serbs.........right?

Also for an amateur that i am, when it comes to writing, I am certainly offering more facts that you are. You are certainly entitled to have your opinion, but please spear us the propaganda and myths. Facts only Sir!


pitbull said...

Yes Ceku is a little innocent lamb, just as Haradinaj, just as Arkan, just as Legija, Just as Gotovina, just as Luka Prazina and 1000 of scums like them...

Get real!

Rick said...

Acctually he is pretty tall, and nothing like the thugs you mentioned.
It is in fact you who need to get real with your stupid relativism.

Anonymous said...

What a thief. He stole the whole article and put his name on it. If he doesn't have the decency to tell his readers that he's borrowing the lines where does he get the moral superiority to accuse others of crimes?!!

Anonymous said...

Once again, it's funny how Canadian soldiers "knew" Ceku was a criminal since 1993 but Serbia came along to indicting him only in 2001, and on Kosova. Serb justice does work slowly, but surly and unmistakenly.

Anonymous said...

The articles put on this website are insult to any decent persons intelligance,this website is for purely propaganda purposes.

Balkan Update said...

Mon Apr 10, 05:38:55 PM,

Gee,thanks for your contribution!

Balkan Update said...

To:Sun Apr 09, 10:44:40 PM,
Canadian soldiers that he speaks off have been interviewed by The Hague and nothing came out of it. Surprisingly, they have proven to be a pretty unreliable bunch.


Arkan was thug who grew up in Prishtina stealing purses. He didn't even finish his high school, but he became a Serb hero- what a shame. You are being ridicules when you compare Ceky with Arkan.

Mon Apr 10, 05:38:55 PM
What's your point? Every article in this website is verifiable and based on facts. Are you suggesting we should be watching your trusted source RTS 24/7? I am so biased that sometimes I publish info propagated by RTS, so come back again!

pitbull said...

I didn't mention just Arkan, but the whole bunch of dogs of war. However if for you your PM Ceku [guy who gave oath to one country, than when it broke changed sides - two times] is a pinakle of morality it's OK with me. It's your problem not mine.

Problem in general is that people can't see logs in their own eyes, but of course are noticing them in someone's else eyes [even specks].

Ok I'm ridiculous and you [and commentator Rick] probably believe in things as "just wars".