Thursday, May 18, 2006

Assembly President Berisha meets US Status Envoy Wisner

The daily press covers the meeting that Assembly President Kolë Berisha had with the US Envoy on Kosovo’s Status Frank Wisner.

According to Koha Ditore, Berisha has asked for a United Nations resolution that

recognises the independence of Kosovo. Berisha said that negotiations with the

Serbian side can last until infinity and that the UNSC should adopt the resolution on independence as soon as possible. Berisha also said that the role of the US in the process is crucial and that in this respect Kosovo expects further and full support from the US Government.

Wisner said that the leading structures in Kosovo such as the President, the Prime

Minister and the Ministers must make further steps in showing that they are reaching out for a joint life between all the communities. The US Envoy also called for continued work in standards implementation.

Under the headline Compliments and requests, Express reports that the Assembly

President said that Wisner has praised the Kosovo Negotiations Team, but at the same time has said that the offer in the status negotiations should be more comprehensive.

“I recommend that your offer is as comprehensive and constructive as possible. Offer more acceptable proposals, not with gradations,” Wisner is quoted as saying in the paper. The US Envoy also said that the Kosovar offer should contain rational flexibility in order to make it possible to Ahtisaari to build his position and to influence the Serbian side as much as possible.

Wisner also commented on the process of decentralisation and cultural heritage and said that flexibility and responsibility need to follow both processes. “The links between the municipalities should be done with the aim of establishing genuine cultural and educational communications. These links and communications should be viewed with flexibility. Your offer for the protection of cultural and religious heritage needs to be serious and comprehensive,” said Wisner.

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