Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Contact Group dilemma: a seat for Kosovo at UN?

Koha Ditore reports that there is still no consensus within Contact Group as to
whether Kosovo should have a seat at the UN.

Germany, that is to preside over EU as of January 2007, will be prepared to
intensively work on Western Balkans despite ongoing and emerging global
issues, the paper writes.

The paper’s sources from Berlin say that although the Contact Group is
determined about the principles they have set on Kosovo issue, there is still a
dilemma whether the ‘conditional independence’ will imply a seat at the
United Nations Organizations.

Diplomats in Berlin and France, according to the paper, are skeptic about
Kosovo’s possible membership to the UN and Berlin notes that, at least for
the time being, this should not be considered a matter of priority.

Sources told Koha Ditore that the problem that may surface for the Kosovo
negotiations process led by UN envoy Martti Ahtisaari is that international
community has nothing to offer to Serbia in exchange for conditional
independence for Kosovo.

“Contact Group and decision-making capitals are united in support for
Ahtisaari and Vienna process,” said the source but “what we have asked
and continue to insist from Pristina is that more should be done on
implementation of standards for minorities, on fight against corruption
and on effectiveness of PISG.”

A diplomatic source told the paper that 2006 is expected to be a decisive year
for Serbia, too. The source says people of Serbia may very well find themselves
at a crossroad. Still-at-large indictees for war crimes Radovan Karadzic and
Ratko Mladic, pending future of Montenegro and Kosovo status are only some
of the issues thatawaits to be addressed in the year.

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