Monday, May 08, 2006

Dobbins: Kosovo to have its seat in the United Nations

Kosovo Daily Iliria Post carries an interview that James Dobbins, former US Presidential Envoy for the Balkans, gave to Radio Free Europe. “It will be some sort of a conditional independence where Kosovo will have its seat in the United Nations and to be accepted as a sovereign state.

Nonetheless, there will be international supervision in Kosovo, a presence of peacekeepers and international supervision to ensure the rights of minorities in a democratic society,” Dobbins was quoted as saying.


Prepare for Genocide against Kosovo Serbs said...

Kosovo was always going to have a seat at the UN. Real states are part of the UN. Why would they give Kosovo independence but not a UN seat?

Balkan Update said...

What's up with this nick name?

Anonymous said...

What nonsense. I am not a Serb, but Kosovo was historically Serbian. It is obvious, once you get there and see Albanians nervously trying to convince everebyody around with all this ancient dardania - illyria stuff. They randomly inhabited this land, which does not constitute to the right to get the land.