Wednesday, May 24, 2006

General Wesley Clark visiting Kosovo

Former NATO commander General Wesley Clark has arrived today in Kosovo for a three day visit. He was invited to visit Kosovo by the PM Agim Çeku. He will be meeting all the leaders of the country as well as members of the status Negotiation Group. RTK reports that Gen. Clark will also address the Kosovo Parliament. According to his itinerary, he will pay homage to the graves of Adem Jashari and Former President Ibrahim Rugova.


Serbs In Kosovo are in Danger said...

Clark is a cheerleader for genocide against Kosovo Serbs.

Anonymous said...

Let Mr Wesley Clark know, how many Serbian Ortodox churches have been destroyed since he "liberated" Kosovo a hart of Serbia.There is genocide happening everyday since their liberation, Women, Children and Men are killed and attacked on daily basis and whole world is waching it in piece, probably thinking they only killing Serbs anyway. Let the world know who were the allies in two world wars Serbs or Croats and Albanians who wellcomed Germany with opened hands. Thanks for everithing you did Clark but there is old Serbian saying "You can do what you want but not as long as you would like

Balkan Update said...

How do you suppose Serbia is going to stop Clark? Serbia is lookin for help in the East-good luck with that.