Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Kosovo edging closer to independence

BELGRADE -- Mihail Kaminjin said that the situation in Kosovo is moving closer each day to gaining independence. Kaminjin, spokesperson for Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, told daily Glas Javnosti that even though there has been little success in securing the rights and security of the non-Albanian population, Kosovo’s mono-ethnic characteristics are creating conditions for separating the region from Serbia. Asked what the Russian federation’s stance would be if the UN Security Council proclaimed Kosovo independent today, Kaminjin said that Russia believes that the UN Security Council must maintain an administrative position in Kosovo and tie itself directly to the status process and the regulation of the implementation of international standards in the region, the direct participation of Belgrade in the status discussions, with a variety of status questions and no limitations on the discussions or final deadlines. Kaminjin said that the role of Russia is to, through constant dialogue, help its Serbian friends in finding an optimal solution which would take into consideration the interests of the Serbia side while being based in reality. “It is obvious that the process of Kosovo becoming independent has already gone very far. However, we are convinced that, under these circumstances, a solution for the problem in Kosovo can only be found with taking the interests and thoughts of Serbian side into consideration.” Kaminjin said.Glas javnosti

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