Thursday, May 18, 2006

PM Agim Çeku visiting Germany

Before departure for Germany Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Çeku said that during his two-day visit in Berlin he is going to present to German interlocutors the objectives of the Kosovo people: full independence. According to Çeku, Germany as a member of the Contact Group is a very important country for the process of the solution of Kosovo’s final status, writes Zëri.

Koha Ditore quotes Çeku as saying that the independence of Kosovo does not depend on the independence of Montenegro. “The independence of Kosovo is not directly linked to the independence of Montenegro. But the independence of these two countries will lead to the definitive disintegration of former Yugoslavia and it means that ultimately all the people will administer themselves,” he said before departing for Germany.

PM Çeku has been invited by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to Koha Ditore sources Çeku and German Foreign Minister Frank Walter Steinmeier are not expected to hold a press conference.

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