Thursday, May 18, 2006

Pristina believes Montenegrin people will vote pro independence

Zëri reports that Kosovo officials say that although there is no direct link between the processes in Kosovo and in Montenegro they say the both countries share the same objective to part from Serbia. And they say they will respect the decision of the majority Montenegrins in the referendum.

“I think that the independence of Montenegro is a real option and that it will serve the stability in the region and a closer cooperation among the countries,” the paper quotes PM Agim Çeku as saying.

“I am sure the citizens of Montenegro will take the right decision, especially

Albanians there,” said Skender Hyseni, spokesperson of the Kosovo Negotiations Team. “Albanians there would for sure achieve their rights more easily in an independent Montenegro,” said former PM Bajram Rexhepi.

Around 50,000 Albanians live in Montenegro making about 8 % of the population, the paper reports. In general all the officials said that they will respect the outcome of the referendum in Montenegro scheduled to take place on 21 May.

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