Saturday, May 13, 2006

Pristina doesn’t accept further compromise

Koha Ditore reports that the Kosovo Negotiations Team, referred to also as the

Team of Unity, is certain that when Albert Rohan comes to Pristina on 18th May he will not bring with him proposals for compromises that would be in opposition with the proposals of Kosovars at the latest meeting in Vienna. This position was announced after the meeting that the Team of Unity held yesterday, in which it analyzed the last round of talks in Vienna.

Under the headline They are not afraid of Rohan, Express also reports that the

Negotiations Team sees no danger that the Austrian diplomat will bring to Pristina proposals on decentralisation that are unacceptable for the Kosovar side.

“The Kosovar side will say no to every version that implies undermining the functioning of the state and administrative system in Kosovo, and which implies the undermining of the functioning of municipalities,” said Skender Hyseni, member of the Negotiations Team.

Zëri also reports that the Negotiations Team will not accept proposals that block the functioning of the system in Kosovo.

Negotiations Team: We will accept no impositions, reports Epoka e Re from the meeting.

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