Monday, May 01, 2006

Serbia losing sight of European perspective

LJUBLJANA -- Jelko Kacin writes that Serbia's politicians have lost sight of the nation's European vision.

He added that this has, in effect, had negative consequences on Serbia and its neighbours. Kacin, the European Parliament's advisor for Serbia-Montenegro, said that Serbia is losing touch with reality and that it is unable to take care of the obligations needed to clear the obstacles in its way on the road towards European integration.

"With its lack of efforts, Serbia-Montenegro is putting an end to the process of discussing the stabilisation and association agreement which began with the EU. As the largest nation of the West Balkans and the one with the most economic potential, instead of increase the speed of the entire region's progress, it is unable to come to terms with its past and its politicians are losing sight of the nation's European future." Kacin said, adding that this is mostly hurting Serbia and its economy, but is also having negative effects on neighbouring countries as well.

"The West Balkans remains a region with a lack of active European potential." Kacin said, adding that Slovenia must also do more to help the regional countries on their paths towards the EU.

Kacin said that it is evident in all of the cases of the countries who entered the EU in May 2004, that membership does lead to industrial growth and improvement of all institutions overall, adding that the prospects of EU enlargement are, unfortunately, less promising now than they were then. B92

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