Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Serbian Church officials attack B92 reporter

A B92 team of reporters was verbally attacked by Serbian Orthodox Church clergy in a church courtyard in Podgorica.

In an attempt to get a statement from the President of the Serbian People’s Party (SNS) Andrija Mandic, member of the political bloc that was against Montenegrin independence, two B92 reporters were showered with insults by clergyman Velibor Dzonic, who called them infidel scum that were not welcome on holy ground. The SNS leader entered his vehicle without giving a statement and only told the reporters that he was unable to assist them.

B92's objective and unbiased approach to the events surrounding the referendum in Montenegro, a policy and journalist ethic that it fosters in regard to all current political and social issues and events, was praised by all participants in the referendum process. However, precisely due to this kind of policy, B92 has regularly been the target of insults and threats by various extremist groups and individuals. B92

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Serbs In Kosovo are in Danger said...

B92 is home to Serb traitors and NATO propagandists in Serbia.