Saturday, May 13, 2006

Three phases plan of UN Envoy Martti Ahtisaari

Many diplomatic sources in Brussels have announced the possibility of Kosovo status being imposed by the Contact Group. Below is a summery of what Kosovo dailies had to say on the subject.

Express, quoting Beta, says that Ahtisaari has a three phases plan, which is a kind of compromise between the demands of Albanian and Serbs, which he would eventually submit to CG. The same source said that Ahtisaari has already informed the CG members that until July he would try to approximate parties stands so that by September he would be able to probe parties involved on whether they like the possible proposals.

Same sources, paper writes, have also said that if parties’ stands are uncompromising then Martti Ahtisaari in the end of September or the beginning of October will send a request to CG to endorse his proposal and forward it later to UN Security Council for confirmation. Ahtisaari’s Spokesperson Hua Jiang didn’t want to comment on these reports but once again reiterated that talks on technical issues are underway while issues as cultural heritage, minority rights and economic issues are awaiting to be stressed. “I am not sure whether we will need another round on these issues, but we’ll see whether there was progress on what was done and on what was achieved.

Then, Ahtisaari will go to UNSC, where he will submit the report about the progress of the process and we’ll see what UNSC proposes” said Jiang adding the she’s not aware of the source that disseminated these reports, writes Express.

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