Monday, May 22, 2006

Vetëvendosja’ calls for boycotting products from Serbia

Daily newspapers report that the Albin Kurti-led Vetëvendosja Movement
has launched a new campaign – the call to Kosovar citizens to boycott
products from Serbia.

Koha Ditore quotes members of the Vetëvendosja as saying that the
campaign will last until Serbia gives up on Kosovo, admits the crimes
it has committed and pays for the damage it has inflicted.

The dailies also report that the movement leader Albin Kurti gave a press
conference where he said that the campaign is aimed at promoting local
products, “something that UNMIK and the Kosovar institutions have failed to do.”

Koha Ditore also notes that the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce assesses as

positive the campaign, although it says that it has more of a political than an

economic character. “Such a thing [the campaign] will only stimulate local

products,” said a senior official of the Chamber of Commerce.


Bg anon said...

The Kosovo chamber of commerce thinks a boycott is a good thing?

Good grief is there no limits to nationalism, not even in the economic sector?

Kristian said...

i agree that this is a bit over the top bc such a boycott only hurts the ppl and the economy.

Balkan Update said...

To a certain extend I agree. You always want to have more trade. But I can understand the comments made by the Chamber of Commerce. The fact of the matter is that there is no economic benefit to you to import things from other countries if you can make those things for the same price or lower. This is an economic argument, not a nationalist one.
As a rule of thumb, though, more trade is better.