Monday, July 24, 2006

“Elephant round” ends unsuccessfully

The much talked about “elephant round” of negotiation between the Kosovo and Serbian leaders about the status of Kosovo has ended with no agreement between the parties. It appears as if the label “elephant round” was an appropriate one. The leaders didn’t even shake hands. During the lunch time, the Serbian PM refused to use his assigned seat close to the PM of Kosovo because he was “making phone calls to his advisors”.

Here are some quotes from the conference:

“Our argument is that we would like to rule ourselves, and Beograd’s argument is that they like to rule us. We shall see which argument the International community finds more reasonable”. Kosovo President, Fatmir Sejdiu.

“We are offering Kosovo a kind of autonomy unseen before- first time in the history of Serbia” Serbian President, Boris Tadiq.

“Independent, democratic and multiethnic Kosovo is a reality. We are not here to ask Serbia to accept this; we are asking the International community for a formal recognition”. Kosovo Prime Minister, Agim Ceku.

“For Kosovo to become Independent we have to break several International laws, among others the Helsinki Act of 1975”, Serbia Prime Minster Vojislav Koštunica.

Source: Kosovo Public Television (RTK)


WARchild said...

I din't realize elephants could be this funny.

bytycci said...

some of them are behaving like an elephant in a china shop!