Friday, September 08, 2006

Serb politician says Kosovo’s independence desirable

NOVI SAD -- Nenad Čanak believes Kosovo's independence will force Serbia to face real, everyday problems.

“After Kosovo is independent, the story, ‘we suffer so much over Kosovo’ will be over. Then we will finally have an opportunity to face real, everyday problems, such as the standard of living, the country’s development, and, among others, Vojvodina’s autonomy”, the province’s European integration and regional cooperation Assembly committee chairman said.

Čanak added that Kosovo’s actual independence will happen in under a year, while the formal independence will be achieved in 2008. “Kosovo’s independence will open up the debate in Serbia itself, examining the failed national-socialist projects, starting with Garašanin, via Mojović, all the way to Milošević and Koštunica”, Čanak believes.

He accused Belgrade of using Kosovo Serbs as a “destabilization tool”, instead of assisting them in their integration in the Kosovo society. “Belgrade has a habit of holding Serbs located out of Serbia hostage to its centrist policies”, Čanak concluded. B92

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