Saturday, September 09, 2006

Serbian President gets the impression that Washington supports an Independent Kosovo

Tadić wraps up Kosovo visit
9 September 2006 | 11:57 | Source: B92
WASHINGTON, LONDON -- Serbian President Boris Tadić wrapped up his three day visit to the US yesterday.

He said that the stances of American officials suggest that the Kosovo status solution calls for independence. Most analysts say that this stance by the US has been known for some time now, and that it is strange that Serbian officials have taken so long to come to terms with this and tell the Serbian people.

Tadić, after meeting with officials in Washington, said that the stances of Serbia and the US are significantly different regarding the Kosovo status question, and that he has the impression that the administration in Washington supports Kosovo independence.

British journalists and publicist Tim Juda told B92 that this stance of the US has been known for so long, that it is strange to him that it has taken this long for Serbian officials to inform their citizens of it.

“What surprises me is not the fact that it is President Tadić speaking, but that he is speaking just now about it. We have known this for a long time, more than a year. This stance is not only America’s, but the European Union’s and the stance of several countries within the Contact Group that support Kosovo independence. Last December, Tadić was in Paris where he was told the same thing he heard in Washington yesterday. Maybe the president wants to send a clear message to the citizens that this is really the situation now, but it is strange that he did this in the end.” Juda said.

In all the discussions Tadić had this week regarding Kosovo, he made sure to tell US officials that Belgrade’s stance is that Kosovo independence is unacceptable. US ambassador to Serbia, Michael Polt, said that a decision has not yet been made on the status, but that Serbia should not see Kosovo independence as a loss.

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