Sunday, January 14, 2007

A multimillionaire joins the fray of Kosovo politics

Behgjet Pacolli, a multimillionaire and possibly the richest Albanian, has formed his own party to compete in the next parliamentary elections in Kosovo.There have been constant speculation in recent years that Mr. Pacolli,whose construction company is based out of Switzerland,is thinking about joining politics. Looks as if now he has found an opening to join the fray of Kosovar politics.

His new party is called Alliance for New Kosovo and his message is employment and the economy ( It's the economy stupid).The new parties slogan is : Enough with Words,alluding to the failures of the current parties to deliver anything. Kosovo parties are notorious for promising paradise before every election, and delivering very little. They are full of rhetoric and no substance. Will this new party be different?

Time will tell, but there are reasons to believe Mr. Pacolli will be different. First off,unlike most other politicians, Pacolli is a self made man and a very successful business man. A recent opinion poll from Index Kosovo puts his party in third place right behind the LDK, of late President Rugova and PDK, the party formed by former members of KLA. This is good news for the people of Kosovo. After the status of the country is resolved, Kosovo will need people like Mr. Pacolli. The current demagogs and populists( with the exeption of PM and the President) have failed miserably in every aspect of the word. I for once, welcome the creation of this party. Hope he will be a part of next government that will be formed later in the fall of 2007. Ferik F.

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