Friday, December 29, 2006

Saddam’s Lawyer to defend Sheshel

One of Saddam Hussein’s last wishes has to do with a Serb Radical Leader and a war crime suspect Voislav Sheshel.

Bushra Al Khalil: Sheshel’s savior?

Croatian daily Vecernji List reports that Saddam has asked his Lebanese lawyer Bushra Al Khalil to help mount a defense for Mr. Sheshel in The Hague, Netherlands. This unusual request was made, according to the lawyer, because of the longstanding friendship between the two men.

Kosovo daily Express reports that Ms. Khalil with travel to Belgrade, Serbia to join the defense team set up by Sheshel sympathizers. Ms. Khalil is quoted by the paper as saying that in her last meeting with Saddam, after he was sentenced to death, she delivered greeting from Sheshel, and was advised by the Iraqi dictator to do her utmost to defend Sheshel because: “ [he] and Milosevic did everything to save Yougoslavia and fight American imperialism in the Balkans”.

In a question by a journalist whether she (Ms. Khalil) is aware of the crimes committed by Sheshel’s paramilitary forces against Croatian and Bosnian Muslims in Croatia and Bosnia, she replies:

“Saddam has told me that there was a civil war in Yugoslavia, and all the accusations against him [Sheshel] are false. He told me that he meet with Mr. Sheshel many times in Baghdad during 1990 as a part of Sheshel’s lobbying effort to remove sanction against Iraq”.

She continues on by saying that Saddam likes Sheshel, because, in the words of the dictator:

“He [Sheshel] is like me- a big nationalist. In addition to that, the ideology of Ba’th Party is similar to that of Radical Party of Serbia [headed by Sheshel]. Like all Arabs who want to live in one state, Sheshel likewise wanted all Serbs to live in one state. He visited [me twice a year during 1990’s] and I enjoyed working with him”.

Vecernji List


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