Sunday, January 28, 2007

“Proposal clearly offers statehood” for Kosovo

BELGRADE -- Belgrade Kosovo team member Marko Jakšić cannot confirm whether the team will meet Ahtisaari when he arrives here on Friday.

Proposal's clear: Marko Jakšić (FoNet)Jakšić told B92 that, regardless of what UN special Kosovo envoy Martti Ahtisaari’s proposal might contain, Belgrade’s position remains unchanged: negotiations should continue.

Commenting on information available to date, Jakšić said it was “quite clear Ahtisaari offered Albanians all the elements of statehood“.

“They would have access to various international organizations and funds, their own army and police and that is what makes a state. However, they would be given this state it two phases since there would be this so-called interim period, at least based on what the media reports, where the EU would work on the logistics, after which a real state comes as the real phase. At first there would be the so-called limited, and then there would be real independence”, Jakšić says.

He adds that the absence of the word “independence” will not “fool Russia”. “Another reason why independence is not mentioned as a term is due to the domestic public here, so that it may accept Kosovo’s secession “.

Despite media leaks outlining the basic framework of the Kosovo status proposal Ahtisaari presented to Contact Group Friday, official Priština remains silent on the subject. On the other hand, officials have confirmed that extensive preparations are under way to deal with possible incidents and violence in the coming days.

Radicals: Ahtisaari snatching our territorySerb Radical Party (SRS) secretary-general Aleksandar Vučić told journalists he was surprised by the Serbian authorities’ behavior “in light of the fact UN special Kosovo envoy Martti Ahtisaari was snatching away Kosovo”.

He told a press conference that should problems arise around the Kosovo issue, all those in office should immediately resign, adding that Boris Tadić and Vojislav Koštunica must also submit their resignations “in the wake of the defeat they suffered in the elections”.

Vučić stressed his party and party leader Vojislav Šešelj believed that “no one should play games with Kosovo”, that no one can sign the province’s independence, adding that declarations such as, “it has happened, that’s the state of affairs”, were unacceptable. Fair use from B92.

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